early digital immigrants


As a person of a “certain age”, I have to admit to being a very early immigrant. I am ashamed to admit that I have been mucking around with zeroes and ones for the last 35 years or so but I am still = technically – classed as a digital immigrant. Perhaps being such an early adopter, I have never seen the computer, video camera, the variety of recording devices that have come and gone as anything more than tools. The digital revolution can be seen as quite similar to that of the internal combustion engine revolution that took place at the end of the 19th century and continues to this very day. It is quite interesting to note that it has only become apparent to users of the car tool in recent times that the most fundamental challenge facing them is the appropriate use of the tool!

Appropriate use seems to be the largest challenge facing those who take on the digital challenge. A small child can now play with tools that possess more computing power than NASA used in 1969 to land Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon. A form of sophistry is being practiced by some who would have you believe that because of technological convergence, the tool has become mammon. Others would have you believe that the tool is so sophisticated that it obviates the need for much of the education we have proudly cherished.

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